Hoge beveiliging - ASSA Desmo

Spin, Inc. offers the very finest high security locks available. We recommend that all our customers employ this level of added security whenever possible because protecting your assets provides piece-of-mind.

Gaming machines have many locks installed; there are locks on access panels, logic board cages, bill validator access doors, etc. These locks include:

  • Main Door Lock
  • Belly Door Lock
  • Cash Box Access Door Lock
  • Cash Box Lock

Although we recommend installing high security locks in all these places, there is a minimum level that we consider adequate to prevent access to sensitive areas inside your machine. These are the Main Door Lock and the Cash Box Access Door. Contact us today to request a quote for high security locks. Please include the manufacturer, model, cabinet type and number of machines you would like to secure. We will custom taylor a security solution that is right for your operation.

With the ASSA® Desmo Precision Drive™ System, locking pins are moved mechanically by the side cuts on the key. Once all the pins are properly aligned, they create two channels for locking side bars, which interlock the cylinder housing and inner cylinder. As the key turns the inner cylinder, the side bars are forced into the unlocked position, which allows the cylinder to turn. As the lock is operated, the side bar pins hold the key in place. This minimizes wear on the key and the pins. As the key is withdrawn in the locked position, the side bar pins mechanically force the side bars into the locked position. This provides a clear path for key removal.

ASSA Desmo Cam Lock Features

  • Keys are patent protected and feature unique cuts performed by specialized equipment
  • Keys can only be duplicated by US factory sales office
  • ASSA Desom keys are constructed from solid nickel silver for lasting durability with no deep cuts to weaken the key
  • The ASSA Desmo key is over 30 percent thicker than most other high security keys
  • The Precision DriveTM Pin System operates completely independent of springs
  • The pins are 100% guided by the operation of the key ensuring accurate, secure and long lasting performance
  • The face of the lock and tip of the key are shaped to guide entry